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We visited Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse several time since moving to Tallahassee over a year ago. We must say your steaks melt in our mouths! The customer service has been fantastic, our compliment to our server Wendi, she was friendly, pleasant and made sure we had everything we needed. Our compliments to the chef, our steaks were cooked to perfection- we like our steaks well done, which the chef did an excellent job making them well done and still over the top juicy and seasoned perfectly. Thanks to all for a great steak dinner, compliments to all. We will be seeing you again soon.

—Misty and Tom Ferrara

Marie Livingston’s steakhouse is not only a Tallahassee Tradition, it has the best
steaks in Tallahassee, prepared exactly the way I like it. I eat there perhaps
40-50 times a year, usually with other business folks, and they also cry out about
how delicious the food is.

—Anonymous Testimonial submitted

I am from Birmingham, AL. I have had the “best steaks in the area.” When I went to Marie Livingston’s this past November for a wedding rehersal dinner, I had no clue what it was and did not know of the excellence I was about to experience. The ribeye was the best steak I have ever had! I enjoyed it so much that I will definitely make the drive back to Tallahassee just to experience Marie Livingston’s again!

—James Duke

I’ve been a loyal Marie Livingston’s customer since the day they opened. Never had a single instance of bad service or even one bad meal

—Ben Parker

Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse serves the best steaks I have ever eaten,
outside of possibly Berns’ steakhouse in Tampa. The service is exceptional,
Marie takes great pride in always having her seafood fresh, and top quality steaks

—Jeff Griggs

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